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At JeffLee Credit we like to think outside the box. If you don’t fit the banks rigid requirements and you need your funding and cash fast, we have the answer!
We work to get you the funds you need in as little as 30 mintues.

JeffLee Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender in Singapore providing financial services for personal, business, real estate, and investment loans. Our flexible funding loans suit all walks of life, including personal and business owners’ whose circumstances do not meet traditional lending requirements.

Why not try an easier, more flexible and faster option.

The Values

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JeffLee Credit Pte Ltd are a great alternate to traditional lending options, if you fall short of funds and require it urgently but are unable to fulfill the lending criteria of banks, then licensed moneylenders is the best options.
We can assist you to realise your funds requirements, just call us and discuss your requirements with us, we will provide a customised loan package for you.

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