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Managing housing finances in Singapore can seem daunting, but with the right tools, it becomes a transparent and straightforward process. One key aspect of financial management for homeowners is understanding how to check HDB loan balances. Singapore HDB has streamlined the monitoring of housing loan transactions through an online loan balance check system, ensuring that residents can easily stay on top of their mortgage commitments.

For those who have chosen the public housing route, maintaining vigilance over your HDB loan is crucial. We’ll guide you through the digital platforms provided by Singapore’s Housing & Development Board (HDB). These platforms are designed to help you in managing housing finances effectively.

Understanding Your HDB Loan Statement

Understanding your HDB housing loan transactions is vital for financial know-how and stability in Singapore. An HDB loan statement offers a clear view of your loan balance and transactions over the previous year. It helps you keep eye on payment progress and plan ahead.

If you need previous year statements not online, there’s an easy way to get them. Requesting these documents online comes with a $15 fee, including GST, per year. This fee covers processing, but gives you valuable insight into your HDB loan’s history.

Your statement includes repayment schedules, interest rates, and principle amounts. It keeps you informed about your Singapore housing loan. This knowledge is crucial for tweaking your financial plans, especially if refinancing or paying off your loan early.

  1. Transaction Date: Lists each transaction by date.
  2. Transaction Description: Explains the nature of each transaction.
  3. Amount Debited or Credited: Displays the amount subtracted or added to the loan balance.
  4. End-of-Month Balance: Provides the closing balance each month, which cumulates in the annual loan balance.

Accessing Your Loan Balance Through MyHDBPage

In Singapore, homeowners can easily check their HDB loan balance and other important financial information using My HDBPage. By navigating the HDB portal and logging in securely with Singpass, accessing housing financial data becomes a breeze. Follow this guide to smoothly find your way online.

how to check hdb loan balance

Navigating the HDB Portal

Start at My HDBPage to review your loan info. The design of the HDB portal navigation is straightforward, making it user-friendly for all homeowners. Here, you can check balances or look at your transaction history with no hassle.

Using Singpass for Secure Login

Using your Singpass grants you safe access to the portal. It keeps your financial information private, thanks to the secure Singpass login. This protection helps keep your personal data safe from hackers.

Locating Financial Information for Your Flat

After logging in, click ‘My Flat’, then ‘Financial Info’ to see your needed details like the HDB loan balance. You’ll get a clear and straightforward view of your financial position.

The table below shows what financial info you can find on My HDBPage:

How to Check My HDB Loan Balance: A Step-by-Step Guide

Checking your HDB loan balance is key for financial management. You can do this easily on the HDB web portal. This simple process helps you manage your finances better. It’s not just about tracking repayments. It’s also about being a responsible homeowner and making wise money choices.

  1. Visit the official My HDBPage using your preferred web browser.
  2. Ensure secure Singpass access by entering your credentials to log in.
  3. Select the ‘My Flat’ option, which will guide you to a detailed summary of your flat’s information.
  4. Click on the ‘Financial Info’ section to view all financial-related details of your HDB flat.
  5. Your current HDB loan balance will be displayed, completing your step-by-step loan balance check.

The HDB web portal makes it easy to keep up with your housing loan balance. It offers convenient and safe financial management practices. Thanks to Singpass access, your financial info is secure but accessible when needed. Regular checking of your loan balance helps avoid surprises. It lets you plan better for your property and financial future.

Visiting Your HDB Branch for Loan Details

If you want to deeply understand your housing loan, going to a HDB branch visit helps. You’ll get all the loan details you need to manage your money better. Just remember, before you go, book a spot with the e-appointment system.

Booking an Appointment Online

To visit, you must book an appointment online using the HDB’s e-appointment system. This makes your visit quick and helps you get seen without waiting too long. Booking early means someone will be ready to talk about your loan details right away.

What to Expect at the HDB Branch

When you get there for your HDB branch visit, friendly staff will meet you. They’re there to help and can answer all your loan questions. They can clear up anything about payments, interest rates, or other loan concerns.

Don’t just show up; you might not get seen. Use the e-appointment system to set up your visit. It saves you time and makes sure you get the help you need for your loan.

Calculating Your Sales Proceeds

If you’re thinking about selling your HDB flat, it’s crucial to know how to calculate your sales proceeds. This step is key as you plan your finances for a smooth sale.

Knowing Your Outstanding Loan Amount

Finding out your exact outstanding HDB loan amount is one of the first things you’ll do. This amount is vital to figure out how much you’ll make from the sale. It’s not just about the selling price, but also what will be taken out at the end.

Importance of Accurate Financial Planning

Correctly calculating your HDB flat’s sales proceeds is essential for good financial planning. It sets the stage for managing your budget and planning future investments. Without it, you might guess your finances wrong and face money problems.

Knowing all about these factors, especially the outstanding HDB loan amount, is crucial. It helps maximize your financial planning and your investment returns.

Checking Loan Balances for Different Loan Types

Having either an HDB loan or a bank mortgage loan in Singapore means it’s vital to keep an eye on your loan balance. This helps you make sure you’re paying it off correctly. Here, we’ll talk about how to check your balance for these two types of loans and give some advice on how to handle them.

Differences Between HDB Loan and Bank Loan

HDB loans are specific to Singapore’s Housing Development Board flats, making it easier for locals to buy a home. You can see your HDB loan balance and payment history online via MyHDBPage. This helps you monitor what you owe and your payment due dates. With a bank mortgage, though, you have to deal with changing interest rates and plan terms. So, checking your loan details through the bank’s online platform or app is a must.

Tips for Handling Bank Mortgage Loans

Dealing with a bank mortgage loan might feel overwhelming because there are many different types in Singapore. It’s key to regularly check how much you owe. This is especially true when you’re going through changes in interest rates or thinking about refinancing. Knowing the fees for paying off your loan early is also important, as it can save you from unexpected charges. If you’re unsure about anything, talking to your bank can help clear things up and guide your financial choices.


It’s vital for homeowners in Singapore to keep a strong grip on their finances. Learning how to check your HDB loan is key. This knowledge helps you handle your money well. MyHDBPage is a great tool for this, offering a simple and secure way to look at your loan details. It makes keeping up with your loan responsibilities easier, leading to better housing loan management.

Checking your HDB loan regularly is a good habit. It keeps you updated on your financial standing. This habit helps you plan for the future, make smart choices about your home, and steer clear of money problems. These careful steps ensure your finances stay stable and secure.

In a changing property world, being proactive with your loan is crucial. With resources like MyHDBPage, homeowners in Singapore can manage their housing finances well. This leads to a confident and financially healthy lifestyle.

FAQs: HBD Loan in Singapore

How to check my balance hdb loan?

To check your HDB loan balance, you can log in to the HDB website using your Singpass to access My HDBPage. Once logged in, navigate to My Flat, Purchased Flat, and Financial Info. Here, you’ll find detailed information about your loan balance, repayment schedule, and other related financial details. This online portal provides a convenient way to keep track of your HDB loan commitments.

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